Based in Brussels, Belgium, illustrator Raphaël is a magician with his illustration and watercolor techniques.  His graffiti, fashion, and street art influences shine through his designs often mesmerizing you to the point you catch yourself drueling and 10 minutes has gone by while breakfast is burning on the stove.  His mix of sketching, painting, watercolor, and texturing is unlike anything we have seen.  We see big things in this ethereal artists future!

18_mydeadponyafirethatdoesnotburn 18_mydeadponycutcopyandpaste  18_mydeadponyexpectnithingbecausethereisnothingtoexpecticeprincess18_mydeadponydamoclesdoomplanet 18_mydeadponyrussiandollrevenge18_mydeadponykiss

You can see more of his work here :



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