Does it really surprise anyone that the the amazing David Lynch would do anything but operate outside the box, outside the norm of what is expected?!  No, not us anyway.  Maybe that women’s sportswear was a little interesting of a choice for the surrealist American filmmaker, but indeed he is not alone in this venture.  Model Alyssa Miller who embodies Lynch’s style of the perfect brunette, in conjunction with a company called Live the Process, some type of lifestyle brand, are all collaborating on the project.  The entire project seems to be inspired by Lynch’s notable commitment to transcendental meditation, something his brunette bombshell Alyssa Miller recently delved into as well, which I have never heard of but am definitely checking out once I can get my ass to ACTUALLY exercise.  The collaboration between the three won’t be without it’s good will either, some proceeds go to Lynch’s meditation-focused non-profit. From the website:

David Lynch wants to bring Transcendental Meditation (TM) to anyone interested in practicing.

The award-winning director/writer/producer—best known for films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive and seminal TV series, Twin Peaks—has worked to raise public awareness of TM via his namesake charity, The David Lynch Foundation (established in 2005). Now, DLF, model Alyssa Miller and Live The Process are collaborating towards this shared goal, with a capsule collection, as well as an exclusive t-shirt designed in association with New York artist Jason Woodside communicating “Change Begins Within, Live The Process.” The collection will be available at Barneys New York with a portion of the proceeds going towards funding for DLF’s mission to make learning TM accessible to everyone globally.

When you are as famous and high profile as David Lynch, anything less than Barney’s carrying your stuff would be insulting.  Although they are a little pricey, around $150, you can always throw some shorts on that cheetah print spandex and play like you dressed 90’s retro to go out that night or to the beach, so at least you have the multi-purpose use down!  Happy yoga-ing!

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