If you have never been to the ARDOROUS then you are kinda missing out.  The brain child creation of photographer Petra Collins, the Ardorous is a self-ascribed art collective for women.  One of those women, CLAIRE MILBRATH, has caught our eye.  Her work is vulgar, yet so addicting, you just want to keep hitting the ‘next image button’ for more.  We aren’t the only ones to notice or point out her badass work – she has been featured in VICE, she is the editor-in-chief of The Editorial Magazine, not to mention her client list is impressive on every level: JezebelHuffington Post, The Ardorous CollectiveDazed DigitalWhitehot MagazineAd HocGayletterSnap MagazineDreck Magazine… the list goes on.

Sites like the Ardorous are showcasing young talent that is not mainstream and we applaud them!  Not just them, but VICE, Snap Magazine, Dreck Magazine, The Editorial Magazine, and more are bringing attention to our odd, off, and just weird creations of pure genius out there.  They showcase work of fellow artists that could or would be overlooked by the mainstream and we think it is important to not lose site of what art really is – moving, captivating, and affecting. It definitely deserves to be seen, not because it is provocative, because it is – not because it is awe inspiring the work being produced, because it is – but because it affects you, it makes you imagine, it makes you feel, and it makes you want more.. whatever that ‘more’ may be.  Even if you hate what you are looking at, it’s still making you think.  We love artists like Claire Milbrath, the Ardorous, and others like them!


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