Synchrodogs-Byzantine-1 Sold everywhere from Los Angeles, CA to Osaka, Japan to London to Seoul, South Korea.  Byzantine is the creation of photographers Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, also known as Synchrodogs.  The two raw and experimental photographers have been collaborating since 2012 now and have already been featured in numerous publications around the world.  Pushing limits with their work, they have been featured on international publications such as Dazed & Confused (USA), Vice (USA), Neon (Germany), L’Imparfaite (France), Novembre (France/Switzerland), S magazine (Denmark), I Love Fake (UK), Vision (China) and The British Journal of Photography (UK), as well as exhibited all over the world.  The two ukrainians photographs carry a common theme of nudity, primitivism, eccentricity, human nature and self-excruciation used to make sociological statements to their viewers and fans.  In Ukraine, where nudity is the equivalent to pornography, the book and their work is meant to change the views of nudity in photography within their home country and influence change in art culture where this type of work would be considered ‘vulgar’. Byzantine is the debut monograph of the duo and is a collection of some of their most striking work to date – the volume itself, published by Éditions du LIC, is a large format clothbound hardcover book, published in a limited edition of only 460 copies. sync1 Synchrodogs_01 Synchrodogs_10 Synchrodogs_50-52 synchrodogs_byzantine VT2A7103 VT2A7105_1024x1024 VT2A7106_1024x1024 02_hidden_750 Byzantine is available here.