594907 (241 Patent 6263X) We don’t often look at something and wonder how it was made, or rather that every detail was meticulously labored over and thousands of hours went into creating it from thin air.  The artistic eye that goes into the design of products is just amazing.  Things can be made in so many different ways with numerous different materials which is where the art in their designs takes place.  Anything you ever want to create as a product has stages it must go through in order for you, the designer, to own the rights to that design – part of that process is the patenting of your product.  When you patent your product every design aspect must be documented and presented and in visual form.  Before computers they were all hand drawn, you can imagine the time that went into it and more importantly how many times they screwed up and had to redraw it!  Engineers are not often viewed as artists, but they should be.  After doing a little research we found some awesome patent drawings we thought you might like! 1-lego-patent-stephen-younts browning-automatic-patent-bill-cannon1-batman-patent-stephen-yountsh-a-bing-camera-patent-bill-cannon1 2 buckminster_fuller_03 durolpat fig-2 Patent_Drawings_Assembled scuba-diving-patent-drawings2   You can see more here : PatentPrints

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