Rita Lino has to be one of the best provocateur story tellers we have come across yet. Her provocative stories, told through her photographs range from vulgar and glorious to deeply thoughtful and youthful.  Using nudity and her surroundings to produce themed story lines expressing thought and a rebellious youthful nature.  Born in Portugal, she began forging her own path with her work by freely exploring without “any kind of pre-conception of the construction of the still image.”

“The photographer as been developing and materializing it under series of photos, visual exercises that explore a “natural obsession” with the self and the persona, a continuous “work-in-progress” that uses the body as primer matter to be re-created and beautifully exorcised.”

She describes her work as, “animal, instinctive, intimate, narcissistic, filled with emotions and sensations”, and, “a diary with a thousand possible interpretations, a spiritual place, a self sustained rehab outlined by the brutal transparency of her own life.”  It’s clear to see this artist has direction and emotion unchecked by the constraints that society has put on our population as ‘normal’, which we find so refreshing and inspiring.  We should note, we are not the only ones to have discovered this genius story teller and photographer.  Publications such as VICE, Revs Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Irene Erotic Fanzine, MTAG, and many more have featured and commissioned her for work!  She also has had exhibitions with ViceCave, and more!  You can see even more of her artistic endeavors through her tim work as well:

Rita Lino – “She’s Alive On That Machine”

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See more of Rita’s work here :