A Woman Looking At The World With Thinly Veiled Suspicion

Lola Rose Thompson is a unique contemporary artist in that she doesn’t rely on the viewer to interpret what is happening within her paintings, she tells them. Combining captions and transparent washes, Lola guides the viewer into her watercolor world, precisely how she interprets it. Abstract human resemblance in blooms and wet and wet washes cover most of her pieces with dashes of bright patterns. Intriguing narrations display an inner monologue between her characters and herself. The captions continue in Lola’s work from medium to medium and always leave me wondering what door into her psyche she will leave open for us next.

1.2nPeople Preparing Themselves To Get Viciously Angry

1.2g A Girl Resting After A Long Day Of Bringing Outlandish Fantasies To Life

1.2mA Man Being Tragic And Cunning
image_6 People In Various States Of Undress

People-Getting-Ready-To-Make-Love-In-A-MeadowPeople Getting Ready To Make Love In A Meadow

Nobody-Paying-Attention-To-The-Girl-Crying-At-The-Rock Nobody Paying Attention To The Girl Who Is Crying

edit19 A Person Considering Moving To Antwerp And Becoming A Diamond Thief

1.2oThe Ancients Translating An Epic Poem Into Modern English

5A Person Thinking Fondly Of Someone They Despise

A-Person-Having-A-Psychadelic-Experience A Person Having  A Psychedelic Experience But Wanting More

edit13_1 Recently Used Emoji

0055 H.A.M.

0059Girl Resting After A Long Day Of Gossip

See more of Lola’s work here: LolaRoseThompson.com