There is something amazing about falling in love with someone’s work, and most traces of themselves being anonymous – it leaves you in a mystery and you’re drawn to the work, especially with an artist like The Black Arrow.  You get lost in the pieces, often like two worlds colliding and you’re witnessing the birth of something bridging those worlds.  The Black Arrow seamlessly blends illustrations and photographed subjects into extremely detailed levels.  His work often resembles chaos surrounding serenity, and their compositions go to a whole new level.  Although the artist has numerous websites, they chose to keep it the amount of artworks displayed, concentrated into a small group of select shots illuminating their skills.  The artists’ Instagram even contains a minimal, seven posts.  With so few works online the hunger for more is real.

A single sentence encompasses the self-interpretation of the artists’ work – “My work is a reflection of what I accomplish, write, and think.”.  Not only do they create such amazing artwork, but they are also a musician – could you be anymore badass?!

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