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Concept art 29 of 29 for “Worlds,” by David Aguado
At 22, producer/DJ Porter Robinson is already a veteran of the international festival circuit, ascending to headliner status around three years ago with high energy, bass-heavy party bangers that caught the attention of OWSLA label head Skrillex. Latest singles of the album Worlds, like the undeniably catchy “Flicker” and “Lionhearted,” and interviews with the artist published in the months leading up to today’s official release have revealed the artist’s desire to produce new music to better reflect his own personal tastes, which range from The Postal Service and The M Machine to Daft Punk and Hardwell. His impressive two-hour BBC Essential Mix released in advance of Worlds featured an uplifting yet eclectic blend of music, the influence of which is apparent through the album’s upbeat, synth pop melodies, spaced out female vocals and indie-influenced choruses. Buy the album here, or listen on Spotify here.
What might be most impressive of Robinson’s latest work, regardless of where it lands on the EDM/dance charts, is the producer’s holistic view of the album. For nearly a month leading up to the release, Robinson released a concept art image representative of the album’s vibe — futuristic, digital, mystical, mysterious — by an artist around the world, with 29 concepts in total. From Italian-born, Berlin-based graphic artist Luca di Battista to photographer/filmmaker Yovko Gorchev and Argentina-based concept and GIF artist Gustavo Torres, the curated series is a peek inside the DJ/producer’s own escapism world of video games, anime and pixelated fantasy that has so evidently influenced the album — and also the visuals for the live performance, teased in a video posted yesterday by the artist:


Scroll down for more work from Robinson’s Worlds series and the featured artists who contributed concepts leading up to the release.


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 Featured artists who contributed to the 29 limited Worlds concept images include:
Gustavo Torres, Luca di Battista, Yovko Gorchev, Nick Grey, Brandon Nickerson, Ghostdad, Calvin Muusse, Justin Maller, Ryan Lundy


Porter Robinson – Worlds LP