Brigette Bloom‘s new work entitled “Float On“, is not only an ode to her birthplace in the desert, but quite literally floated in a part of her.  An avid analog film photographer, Brigette often experiments with her film processing creating dreamy, often ethereal, moments.  In “Float On“, once the film was shot, she soaked the 35mm film rolls in her own urine before exposing them. You might think that’s disgusting, in bad taste, or just weird – we think it’s brilliant!  What better way to incorporate not only your vision but parts of you that can never be replicated, making the work truely unique. It is art forms such as these and talented artists performing such one of kind techniques to further their work that we here at Nakid Magazine love to cover and showcase!

The 27-year old photographer recently made the move from desert to ocean, now calling Hawaii home.  Brigette has been featured and published in numerous media outlets such as VIRIDITAS anthology, the HAND magazine, CZE magazine, VICE magazine, Volume magazine, Stay Young, SÝN magazine & many many more!  Her exhibitions with VICE in New York, Exposure 3 in las vegas, and most recently WOW festival in London, have made her an international inspiration in the art industry and among her peers.  With sponsors like The Impossible Project and Revlog, Brigette has truly taken her talent, weirdness, and vision to heights of creative dreams and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


You can see more of her work here :  http://brigettebloom.com/index.php/project/float-on