Photographer Aubry Roach’s work is like a fun house, inside of which is a curation of badass pieces iadass  thingsyou see curated inside of it in spectacular detail.  It ranges from contemporary to almost fine art in nature.  He uses digital and film, natural and strobe lighting, and through all of it he maintains a distinctive look all his own.  Aubry’s techniques create such a unique piece that it often leaves viewers stunned and mesmerized; with every visual being distinct and original, Aubry’s creative eye constantly finds new ways to push his work even further.
His beliefs play no small part in this either. In fact, it’s one of the most critical pieces to Aubry’s mission, and the message he intends to convey through his work.  We caught up with the visual artist on the road, and he graciously allowed us to feature some of his latest work:
“Believing fully in the power of metaphysics and the healing power of crystals and energy, it only seemed natural to catch my dear friend opening up those chakras. Crystals, and the energy they provide, are mind-blowing — fucking mind-blowing. Have you ever sat and meditated with a crystal? Look up crystals that best work for you according to your zodiac sign, and get to meditating. Your outer body will rejoice and your inner body will thank you. You’ll feel magical. Connecting with the earth not only centers your spirit, but also allows for more positivity to flow in – allowing you to unlock parts of your brain you never knew were there. It’s damn incredible what it can do for your mood and well-being.”
Aubry Roach, August 2014
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Aubry’s work has also been featured in various publications and lifestyle brands, most recently for The Crystal Eye, a luxe lifestyle brand specializing in hardcore crystal jewelry. The Crystal Eye enables the fashion forward to embrace the ideals of metaphysics in their everyday life (and look good doing it).
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Model:  Jenn VanHook