Houston native, Cary Fagan, is fast on the rise down south.  Fagan, originally an animal & landscape photographer, seems to be carrying on the analogue film tradition, and doing it well.  Fagan, who works at American Apparel while pursuing his photography, really started shooting subjects after realizing he really wanted to start pushing himself – he wanted to see what he was capable of doing as an artist, and, as he puts it, “people give me much more options”.  The retro-faded tones mixed with the emotion he captures from his subjects are what sets him apart from others.  We aren’t the only ones that have noticed Fagan and his talent for film, recently American Apparel took notice and gave him the chance to do a test shoot and show them what he can do.  Not only had Fagan caught the eye of one of the largest apparel companies in the world, but he impressed them so well with his first shoot, with model Asia Dee, that American Apparel made him a contributor to their official Texas Instagram account.  Quite a feat for any photographer, by all accounts it seems Fagan is destined to make his mark on photography and the business.

Venturing out of his texas surroundings, Cary Fagan is headed to New York this Fall for MB NY Fashion Week, and we are teaming up with him to bring you an exclusive behind the scenes feature of the photographer as he makes his way through New York and Fashion Week S/S 2015!  Check back soon for more from Fagan and news on other collaborations we have with the artist coming up!

Check out this exclusive set from the artist with model Lindsey Lugrin, and check Fagan on the Texas American Apparel IG!


See more of his work here :  http://cary-fagan.com