Hailing from China, DALeast is a phenomenal street artist who has displayed his work all over the world. His use of different types of paint to create intricate forms on seemingly normal canvas’ within the community is astonishing.  His work resembles different figures that seem to be formed from metal ribbons that contain such amazing detail that you really have to second glance just to see it’s a painting.  You can find DALeast’s work on the streets of Los Angeles and hopefully a city near you soon!

daleast-orthostatism-ink_acrylic_tea-on-canvas122x89cm2012daleast-adrenaline-sacrylic-on-canvas120x30cm2012 daleast-abiding-in-the-broken-heartmalaga-spain2013p

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Check out this video that shows off his fascinating creative process:


You can check out more of his work here :