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Luxury lens maufacturer Leica opened up a retail store/gallery in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Nakid’s own editors James Pawlish and Lance Skundrich, both of whom are also media photographers, had the opportunity to check out the gallery and use the M series digital Leicas to capture the images for this post. German optics company Leica is considered to have the best quality of all cameras and lenses in the photography community (with a price tag to match). After getting the chance to shoot these these beauties, we can certainly understand why they’re such a commodity for any serious photographer.

Thanks again to Leica and Alex Ramos (@alexramosphoto) for letting us come in and use these beautiful cameras for this post.  Needless to say, many of use here at Nakid would kill for one of these cameras, and we hope to work with Leica in the future!

Check out the gallery below to see the outstanding image quality for yourself. Whether you are a serious photographer or just a photo enthusiast, we’d recommend stopping by this retail location if you are ever in San Francisco. Located downtown at 463 Bush Street, San Francisco CA 94108 the space is also a gallery featuring some beautiful images – ones we could only hope will be our own one day, gracing the walls of Leica.


Machine Drum @ Noise Pop, NWBLK, San Francisco, 3.2.14


For more on Leica check them out at:



and Instagram @leicastoresf

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