A Creek Between Us

Eugenia Loli, a Greece native who has lived all across Europe and now resides in the United States, has been making moves and pushing limits with her Collages and Films for some time now.  There’s a good chance if you love art on Tumblr that you have seen her work circulating on the enormously popular blog site.  These days Loli spends her time in California pumping out original artwork left and right.  She was not always an artist though, she tried her hand at being a nurse, computer programmer, technology journalist, and finally filmmaker before venturing into the world of collaging in 2012 after completing an animated music video – she used the knowledge from the animated film she learned to complete her first collages, after that she was hooked!   Her work has been published in the likes of Lola MagazineLe Mile MagazineCurve MagazineP-oint MagazineMotive MagazineCausette and many more, and it seems her work’s popularity shows no signs of diminishing!  She admittedly finds the need for her work to make a statement, to say something to its viewers – for the majority of her work there is a meaning behind them, often leaving it to her fans to decipher.  Witty or sarcastic, horrific with a sense of danger, Eugenia Loli’s work is moving and can transplant you to another world.

You can find more of Eugenia Loli’s work at the links below and can now even buy her work on numerous household things such as shower curtains, coffee mugs, and even iPhone cases!  Be on the look out for more from this artist in the future on Nakid!!

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