Life is depth perception.

Did you ever think of that?

Do you ever think of what lies behind

the visions projected at the naked eye?

We must tweak our mind to think beyond what is showed to us.

We must work to build our souls up to be tall enough to stand above the shallow end without drowning.

Life is not meant to be easy.

 I feel like it all makes perfect sense and no sense at all.

It is beyond worldly knowledge.

There could be lifetimes in every moment for all we know.

Can we actually project the future?

Is the world in turmoil because my head is in turmoil?

Have you ever felt egoless after a look in the mirror without all the expectation?

Do you really know yourself beyond what you, yourself project?

Every decision is a mask, every human is a god.

It’s the masks that we choose to wear that will decipher the way other people see us.

I want to touch people like a sunset on a warm summer night.

A gentle breeze that caresses the faces of the people I meet,

not blinding, yet beautiful and calm.

Why does the dead of winter seem like such a popular color to wear?

I never think that frigid and dark is a good look on anyone.

We have the freedom of choice.  It repeats like the tides,

 yet some people are too lazy to change.

I guess perhaps they find comfort in the routine.

It’s familiar.

Faces pass us like the cars on the highway,

and only when an exceptional vehicle passes us by,

we turn our heads to notice.

Don’t you wish to be noticed?

Life is an embrace between soul and body.

It holds us tightly enough to stay grounded,

yet loosely enough to feel free.

art and words – © CAT KING