MoschinoNikki Lipstick brand on left, Jeremy Scott’s creative direction on right 

Jeremy Scott has come under fire for stealing artist’s work ever since he came on the scene, I remember in one of his first shows he styled the models to exactly resemble a well-known club kid in NYC. She put up a fight and the Internet listened. Then in 2013 Jeremy came under fire again for his Fall/Winter line where he admittedly stole images from artist Jimbo Phillips out of Santa Cruz. After a lengthy court trial Jeremy publicly admitted his wrong doings and pulled the pieces that featured the legendary illustrator’s work from his line immediately.

jimbooJimbo Phillip’s illustrations above Jeremy Scott’s F/W13 line

Now it seems to be happening all over again with an independent designer from LA named Nikki Lipstick. Nikki came out with a new line titled BABELAND, which uses the iconic Barbie font in classic pinks and baby blues. Nikki’s BABELAND was released just one day prior to Jeremy’s release of his Barbie themed Moschino line and the similarities are striking! And even worse, this may not be the first time Jeremy has “borrowed” ideas from this independent designer.

croppNikki Lipstick brand on left, Jeremy Scott on right

Last night after Jeremy Scott blocked Nikki on all social media, her fans started voicing their opinion all over Jeremy’s Facebook page. Yet this morning when I went to get a screen shot of the comments they all have been deleted, only a few supportive hashtags remain. Nikki took to Facebook to express her deep remorse for the what seems to be another repeat of stolen designs, “[I AM] ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED I HAVE BEEN POSTING SNEAK PEEKS OF MY NEW COLLECTION BABELAND SINCE MARCH THIS COLLECTION IS MY LIFE DREAM, I LAUNCHED THE FIRST PIECES YESTERDAY AND ONE DAY LATER IT IS RIPPED OF BY #MOSCHINO THIS IS THE SECOND TIME#JEREMYSCOTT HAS RIPPED OFF A#NIKKILIPSTICK ORIGINAL …THE FIRST TIME WAS MY IM A MESS TOP ….IM LITERALLY IN TEARS AND TOTALLY HEART BROKEN I HAVE WORKED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS PROJECT …TRAVELED THE WORLD TO PROMOTE IT… I AM CREATING BABELAND TO MAKE BABES FEEL CUTE NOT PROMOTE A HIGH FASHION LABEL  ♡♡♡ SUPPORT INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS ♡♡♡ BABES!!!! SADDEST GIRL IN THE WORLD #HEARTBROKEN#SADGIRLCLUB #BEEF #BABELAND” Is this just an example of zeitgeist or is this theft? You be the judge.

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