Atlanta-based writer and photographer Natalie Fressell’s series “Forbidden Fruit” pairs together two of our favorite things: 1) Produce and 2) …Pictures (what else?!).

The double-volume photo series features a ripe array of fruits casually nestled on the thigh of a retro bikini-clad female (Fressell is a self-proclaimed 60’s aficionado). The photo collection is housed within her Tumblr blog, enigmatically titled He Doesn’t Like Pretty Girls. When asked about the meaning behind the name, she admits the answer is still evolving. The various interpretations that emerge from site visitors’ own personal experiences, Fressell writes, is part of the fun:

“…The title comes from a statement that a former friend once told me … it got me questioning how I presented myself to the male and female psyche … I started realizing that girls, or women rather, who live their day-to-day in the way I do—are fucked up.  In a positive way of course.  But regardless, we are fucked up because the way we do things is confusing. We are unpredictable. We are soul seekers. We are the pretty girls.”

Head to He Doesn’t Like Pretty Girls for Vol. 1 and Vol. II.

FF_banana  FF_peach FF2_cherry FF3_coco FF4_passionfruit forbiddenfruit1_watermelon

NF_pineapple NF_smallpapaya