8_asp008681Ohhh, that’s just my gurrrl Sha’luanda

It takes a lot to be a unique artist in this day and age, some days you feel like you’ve seen it all, and some days you come across some one like Devin Troy Strother and realize the best is yet to come. His goddess like sculptures of abstract African female forms leave you tantalized within the matte black and stark white negative spaces beside them. The same African Queen translates just as strongly in two-dimensional spaces as he collages her and others into abstract dream worlds of shapes, textures and lines, still heavily reliant on negative space. The way he addresses his canvas and compartmentalizes his imagination is awe-inspiring. His captions are only the cherry on top of these visual and textural masterpieces that draws an unlikely source, humor, into his pieces. After going through his portfolio I had to ask myself, is this the new Basquiat?

8_thatbitchshaniecedamn guuuurl have you seen that bitch Shaniece, lately, tss she got big guuurl

8_blinkorsmilebitch you gonna have to blink or smile cuz I can’t see shit in here

8_niggasattheoperaA bunch of niggas at the opera

8_michaeljordan_v2Michael Jordan.”I don’t know if that’s your dick or your leg, but please baby baby don’t make me beg! Just take me to the Bahamas and fuck me like I’m your big mammas.”

8_hockneylamar getting out of tyrones pool, (nigga get me a towel)

8_asp15079The Coloureds Series Part 5 (Nigga on Ground Ambiguity)

8_asp15068The Coloureds Series Part 3: “Gurrrl I’m just talking about that composition, Gurrrrl what’chu know about that post modernism?”

8_asp5664Black Pussy and Jason Rhoades Diptych

8_asp5663_v2Black Pussy and Jason Rhoades Diptych

8_asp5693The Coloureds Series Part 1 (Keep It in Line and Everything Will Be Fine)

8_asp5688The Coloureds Series Part 2 (It’s All About Space Relations and Limitations)

8_asp5679Me and My Babies Daddy

See more of Devin’s work here: