When you throw a shoot together with Harley’s, beers and friends, you never can tell what’s going to happen.  This started as a shoot I wanted to do with bikes and my good friend Sam.  Before the shoot even started we had picked up road flares, a can of break cleaner (highly flammable), and a case of beer.  What started as a solo shoot turned into a shoot including my fellow dirtbags.  It’s not always good to follow a strict guideline when it comes to a shoot.  Needless to say, dirtbags are not very good with guidelines and rules anyway.














_MG_8418 _MG_8460 _MG_8470 _MG_8514 _MG_8526 _MG_8542 _MG_8560 _MG_8582 _MG_8606 _MG_8618 _MG_8625 _MG_8732