The surreal photographs of Christopher McKenney are both hauntingly beautiful and tragic. Filled with faceless figures roaming deserted environments, the Pennsylvania photographer has continued to create an intriguing body of work that has an uneasiness that would give Ted Bundy nightmares… or maybe wet dreams.

After finding himself in the woods one day in 2012 with nothing but a sheet, chair, and a frame, he started taking photos. He put the sheet over his head and photoshopped his body out. I like taking away identity when photographing and to leave people thinking. I only make the photos I do to express myself and what other people see or think is up to them, as long as I make them feel anything I’m ok with that.’ he explains.

McKenney’s surrealistic fantasies continue to be set against the backdrop of remote locations throughout PA; country side woods, lakes, and fields. Like any good horror movie, there’s the occasional axe wielding psychopath, mysterious hood figure, or blood stained victim lurking in the shadows. Personally, I find a lot of these images disturbing yet beautifully composed.

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