The Hole Gallery in New York City plays host to many emerging artists in its 4000 sq. ft. Bowery space. Last week, they had the pleasure of hosting what is possibly one of the most anticipated galleries this season. Jesse Auersalo featuring his collaboration exhibit with sculptor Man Yau and photographer Nina Merikallio. The pieces that were shown are on two different planes featuring work both on a 2D and 3D. The collaborative work of Auersalo and Yau, entitled “Checkmate”, presented pieces of the three dimensional world that featured curiously sensual designs. “Exit”, the title of the body of work created by the photographic stylings of Nina Merikallio paired with the illustrations of Jesse showcased the boundaries of fashion photography and ghostly illustration all using no digital manipulation of the photographs themselves. The work between the three artists’ constructed an amazing experience for the viewer. Allowing attendees to explore both the primitive and the intellectual parts of the three dimensional prospective while also, the negative and positive spaces that lie within the work of the two dimensional.