I first came in contact with the work of this German design duo while they had an exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.  These two crazy designers set up a personal mythology about themselves, keeping their real identities a secret.  We know a lot of music artists (e.g. in germany Cro/Sido/…) that “hide” or protect themselves and their identity behind a mask but in the advertising and design business, it is pretty unusual. Actually most of the design studios would love to see their name and face everywhere in the media.

The fact nobody knows who they really are (or at least won’t tell it) shows no signs of harming their success, in fact, just the opposite. They have already won countless awards and prizes like the ADC Award.

Another very uncommon thing for a (mostly advertising) agency is, that they had a vernissage at the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe” in Hamburg.  This shows that their work is also recognized in the art community, not only the advertising/design industry.

The style of rocket and wink reminds us of the post-punk era of the late nineties and early 2000’s, without having a nostalgic touch to it.

One of my favorite series is the advertising campaign for “fritz-cola“, a hamburg based Lemonade-Business, with “viel viel koffeine” (a whole lot of caffeine), as their slogan states.


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