StellaP - Shower-7

Photographer Giacomo Rebecchi brings us his version of a hot shower, and we most definitely agree!  Continuing our DUOS! series here at Nakid, we have Giacomo Rebecchi from Verona, Italy and model Stella Di Plastica!  Originally a graphic designer, Rebecchi’s background has helped him push into new avenues of creativity which has taken the form of fashion photography.  A rapid and constant development starting from street photography and pushing into portrait/fashion/nude work – all while remaining faithful to his own tastes and styles as an artist he found within himself spurring from his graphic design background.  Garnering inspiration from underground photographers, Rebecchi continues to evolve his work and eye through experimentation and trail/error.  Shot in Bologna, Italy with aspiring model Stella Di Plastica, these two know how to light up a shower and turn an ordinary chore into an amazing artistic expression!

StellaP - Shower-1 StellaP - Shower-12StellaP - Shower-2 StellaP - Shower-11StellaP - Shower-3  StellaP - Shower-13StellaP - Shower-5StellaP - Shower-8StellaP - Shower-6   StellaP - Shower-9 StellaP - Shower-10    StellaP - Shower-14 StellaP - Shower-15

Photographer:  Giacomo Rebecchi ­/ INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK
Model:  Stella Di Plastica / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

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