Colorful clothing brand Mamadoux hosted a party at Los Angeles’s exclusive On the Rox last week for the launch of its new retail website, a collection of women’s pieces with a rainbow-raving-hippie-meets-urban-Cali-cool aesthetic. Handmade by designer Elliott Beach, each piece is cut and sewn in LA.

The speakeasy-style event required a password to enter (it was Neon Pony), upon which guests were greeted by sexy, deep house/techno grooves from Lee Foss. NAKID was there to document the fete at On the Rox, which featured many of the Mamadoux models (wearing the hottest Mamadoux items, of course) that were shot by Wright for the website.

This year, the one-of-a-kind pieces have been spotted on singer and LA native Anabel Englund and Miley Cyrus. We caught up with Beach about his inspiration and process, and big things on the horizon for Mamadoux.

NAKID: When and how did the concept for Mamadoux come about? Does the rave/plur/EDM culture have any influence?

Elliott Beach: It would’ve been 2011. It kind of started in that sort of category I guess; [Palma and I] we both love house music. But I’d make something and it would sell because it’s one-of-a-kind, and then I wouldn’t make it again unless someone ordered it. But I don’t like the same thing twice – I don’t even let people order something in the same color; it’s just boring to me. I never want to make the same thing twice.

NAKID: Where do you draw your inspiration?

EB: I get a lot from older films and photos, and I’m really into the history of them. I don’t look at current trends at all – I don’t even care what’s trendy. In fact, I prefer to make something NOT trendy: Whatever cuts, sihouettes and colors I know are popular, I do the opposite. You can see that with the swimwear: [Women are wearing] such low cut bottoms, and so I do all the high cut. But now that’s sort of coming back into style, and once it is I’m going back to low cut. I love doing the opposite of what people think they want.

I like to look at history, but I’d never want to duplicate it. I love juxtaposition, something unexpected – there always has to be an element that makes people think, “I never would have thought of that.”

NAKID: Speaking of one-of-a-kind, where do you find such rad prints and patterns, anyway? Do you rummage through vintage or consignment shops?

EB: All the fabric is pretty much recycled — not like recycled raw material, more like fabrics that would have been possibly discarded or bought from warehouses or designers going out of business. We try to be socially responsible about the materials. In terms of the prints, we hand draw what we want and we get it turned into a screen print, and then I screen print all the prints. But they’re abstract and hand-drawn.

NAKID: The line is turning heads though, Miley Cyrus being one of them! What was it like working with her?

EB: It was a great opportunity! We really like her and we think she’s perfect for the brand: She’s not afraid to be herself, she’s colorful, and she really is a great representative of Mamadoux. We’d like to do more with her and I think we got a good response.

NAKID: What’s up next for Mamadoux? Anything we should keep an eye out for?

EB: Lee Foss hired me to make custom alien suits and Palma to cast the girls and lead the hair and makeup for his Modern Amusement parties. We’ve done that a few times and are going to do it later this month. And we’re talking with [Anabel Englund] about doing another custom for her; she performs in the clothes a lot.

Also, at the beginning of the year, probably January, we’re talking about doing a mass marketed line of Mamadoux.

NAKID: That’s exciting! Is this is also tricky / challenging, considering the whole never-make-anything-twice rule?

EB: Its difficult, one thing we thought of doing was limited runs in small quantities – 20, 50 or maybe 100 but that’s it. Then it’s done and not recreated again. One thing we want to do to help keep the brand’s integrity is never want to “pump out” the same thing, or outsource, etc. When we do manufacture, it’s going to be all in America – probably LA. We would never manufacture anywhere outside of America.

NAKID: Can people buy Mamadoux anywhere other than

EB: There might be a few pieces left on Dollskill, but the couple pieces we had sold out really fast.

-Interview by Jaimie Siegle

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