Martin Schoeller is one of the most renowned celebrity portrait photographers in the industry, and Thursday night in New York City Nakid was invited into his world, or rather, into his new exhibition entitled “PORTRAITS“.  Spanning genres of artists and industries, from Lady Gaga and P Diddy to George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Quentin Tarantino.  Schoeller’s take on portraits is beyond beauty and often draws his viewers in with themes surrounding his subjects – his style is unmistakeable, encompassing similar lighting, attention to detail, and tones across the span of his work over the years.  The German-born artist has been staff photographer for The New Yorker since 1999, and Schoeller is no stranger to the limelight, his work has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, National Geographic, Time, GQ, and more!  When we first saw his work we were instantly intrigued, especially with the way he takes his subjects and creates entire world around them and view that he wants his audience to encounter visually when he presents his work to his viewers – often his subjects are transformed into scenes that bring them outside the box or world view his celebrity subjects are often known for, showing a side of them that changes how you see them in a positive, creative way.  The exhibit was buzzing with fellow New York art fanatics, fans, and even some of his subjects themselves – Time Magazine was even on hand to present and show off one of Schoeller’s most recent contributions to the industry, a portrait of Taylor Swift for they next issue of Time.  It was quite an experience and we were ecstatic to be invited and able to bring his wonderful work to our viewers!  Here are some photos from the show from our amazing photographer, Charis Kirchheimer.  Enjoy!

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