Yoko Ono may be well known due to her famous and talented husband, the late John Lennon of the Beatles, but few know she was a prominent artist before the two ever met!  Lennon and Ono created numerous works together, including an avant-garde movie in 1970 entitled “Fly“.  The short film follows a fly as it casually buzzes and moves around a nude female body in extreme close-up.  It’s easy to let your mind wonder as to the meaning behind the film, what Ono and Lennon were trying to accomplish – they keep it simple though, it’s the celebration of the human body, the female body, the most beautiful creation in all of nature.  As we bring you more films from artists around the planet that are underground, banned by society, or explore new frontiers and ideas in independent film, we thought we would start with something for our viewers that truly lives up to the ideals we have here at Nakid Magazine, that no subject, no art form, is off limits!