Value isn’t just a brand. Value is a family, it is a collective of people that create with their hands, making something out of nothing.  We create for ourselves and for the people around us. Whether it be tattooing, barbering, brewing, painting, or designing, we create!  We are the VLTRS of VALUE COLLECTIVE bringing our crafts to life.  We say we are VLTRS  because we’re opportunists.   We ride together with common goals.  We pick up scraps and inspiration all around us to create something valuable.  We feed off each other.  We inspire each other. We take what’s ours!

Live with VALUE

Die as VLTRS
Sneaking into an abandoned Mill in San Francisco with lighter fluid, a bat, weed and fire is exactly what VALUE COLLECTIVE is all about.  Living in the moment and making things happen.  We caught up with VALUE to shoot this lookbook and check out their winter line thats coming out.  Keep an eye on these guys… you never know what the VLTRS are gonna do next!

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