When we stumbled upon the artwork of Anouk Griffioen we found ourselves not only enamored but in shear amazement at the level of detail and vision in every piece.  Griffioen’s hybrid style of texture and depth in line work, not-to-mention deep shadows that create a haunting composition, all come together in what can only be described as and immaculate conception of pure genius. The auras of those works may be horrifying, strange and confusing, however they additionally arouse the viewer’s curiosity regarding the inner beings within the creations.  Her lifelike technique in depiction lends each piece to different expressions and interpretations by the viewer, making them each unique not only in design but in the emotion they invoke.  Griffioen amalgamates reality and imagination; flora and fauna merge seamlessly into each other, forming
surrealistic dream worlds.  She is capable of committing the invisible and unreal to paper, creating a scene that mimics reality to the observer.

The great depth, quality and attraction of her artwork is illustrated and increased by the result of her black- and-white charcoal and pencil drawings. For these, she uses formats that vary from average sizes to monumental wall size pieces – they underscore the result and force of her works. When you walk into a room and you see one of her pieces it is the first thing you see, it almost demands a presence of it’s own.  Her inspiration and creativity derive from little, everyday things and from the imaginary worlds of her young children.

These pieces we selected are from her collection “2014” she published this year.  Enjoy!

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