Flux Inertia” is the newest dreamed up conceptual fine art project that photographer Eric Luther McClendon has created.  Hailing from the deep south, Alabama, he has slowly been cultivating his skills as a student – attending  Jacksonville State University for Bachelors of Fine Art degree with a double concentration in Graphic Design & Photography. He has exhibited work in the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) member gallery for the south-central regional conference in 2014, as well as the Gadsden Museum of Art (GMA), also in 2014..  not only dabbling in photography, he also throws his creative talents into painting, sketching, and other mixed media – he seems as though he has his fingers in everything.. “I like to try new things and different mediums, it helps me grow.”, says McClendon.  One thing is for sure, he is definitely deserving of our ‘Artist To Watch‘ series, and we are all to happy to showing his amazing work to the world!  Below is a little background on the project from McClendon himself, enjoy!
“This spot where I stand elates me, and I feel it – pulsating toward me in every direction in persistent waves – filling parts of my body I never feel. It is sound.
When I was very young I began to learn how to harness sound and control it by learning how to play an instrument. No longer do I remain idle and passive, rejecting the influence. I now welcome it. Why should I stay still and quiet?
Flux Inertia is a cross-examination between us and the cause and effect of movement. The movement in this scenario is the “unseen” force of nature, sound (represented here with light painting). We are perpetually in a state of receiving sound all around us – some made by cars and machines, a distant bark from a dog, birds chirping – sounds you hear but don’t even realize.
The essence of this series is how sound can influence movement or change upon us emotionally and physically. In many ways these images are meant to represent a balance between the interaction of humans and sound as an entity – how we are ultimately affected and how sound can be ignored, utilized or subdued.”
Theories_fluxinertia Syllable_fluxinteria Sensitive_fluxinertia Majesty_fluxinertia Generation_fluxinertia En Passasnt_fluxinertia Chariot_fluxinertia Arch_fluxinertia Affairs_fluxinertia

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