There is a darkness that belies certain images that beckons our subconscious to places it doesn’t will to go: the realm of nightmares, of memories real or imagined. We are speaking of the eerie eye directed towards familiar scenes that shed light on what lies beyond, of massive figures lurking in the backgrounds of our everyday rituals.
We never know where opening a door in Paris may lead us, and it is this mystery that leads me beyond the doors of a familiar city towards the unknown that awakens an instinct, like a war photographer in action. They say that a photograph is far more dangerous than the world it came from, it can show us the true nature of things and how this nature impacts our lives.
I don’t see this as a sequence of images, it is more an atmosphere I’ve attempted to ensnare because nothing interests me more at this moment than creating such gestures.

20140914_5763_006 copy

20141101_0440_015 copy

20141101_1526_007 copy

20141101_1535_001 copy

20141101_3274_003 copy

20141101_3275_026 copy

20141101_6658_009 copy

20141101_6659_014 copy

20141101_6659_033 copy

20141101_NN2_008 copy

By Laurent Chouard