Wanda Orme, a photographer shooting 35mm, combines her past with her present in a gorgeous new series shot in Joshua Tree. She describes her work:

“This series “Lost Desert” forms part of my ongoing project, MARGO ECHO, which explores liminality at the margins of anonymity and intimacy. The photographs were taken upon my return to a place that I once knew well, carrying with me in my camera traces from the new home I now inhabit in New York City.

I am interested in the collapse of distance and time that happens when we return to a place such as this – the weaving of lives, the things we carry back with us to lands we revisit and what we discover there. At the center of it an insoluble tie – a paradox of intimacy and estrangement, born of the varying rates of change of the land, body and memory.”

Wanda Orme was born on the Isle of Man, raised in London, lost in California, and is now living in New York City. Check out the rest of her editorial below.

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