At 21 years old, this 4th year student at the Ohio State University is finding her voice and vision in design. Samantha Urell recently submitted this brand new editorial to us and we wanna tell you a little bit about her.  At OSU Samantha studies Behavioral Psychology and Design with a personal focus in Psychological Design Research.  She also dabbles in Visual Communications Design, specifically Typography and Layout, and has recently begun building an Interior Decorating portfolio as well.  She seems to be searching for the inner thinking of the human mind and its reactions and what stimulates people within design – finding the reasons to why we love certain design structures.  If that wasn’t enough to impress you, in her free-time she plays field hockey, sings in a local band, and Finds time to be an avid hula-hooper.

Aside from her freelance work, she currently works as the Creative Director of Photography for a Columbus-based promotional entertainment company called Trending Sounds Entertainment.  She has also previously worked as a Layout Designer for the Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy, but she left to focus on other artistic endeavors.  Of all the things she specializes in though, her photography is something she genuinely loves.  With past clients such as Peanut Butter n’ Jams (internet EDM platform) and Pantheon Custom Clothier, she has already stepped into the professional platform – tack one more thing up on the list of expertise this girl has.  Samantha Urell is one of the most talented people we have featured on Nakid, and she emulates what we love in the artists we feature, their undeniable love and obsession with knowing all that they can about their craft!  Enjoy!