Last Night In Paris 2
Finishing up a great year for pop culture and independent media art as a whole, It’s amusing how as a generation we are simply to broad of visionaries to compress our ideas to one genre of art, we cater to the element of surprise, always looking for something different by bringing it to live in ever human sense possible, add some mind altering visuals, a wavy sound frequency that penetrate the skin, some powerful lyrics and a relatable or intriguing  story line and you have yourself the perfect art project. And that is exactly what Director Karim Huu Do and the collective of upcoming british Hip-Hop acts “Last Night in Paris” accomplished with the ghostly music short film “Pure”
 Last Night In Paris
A film that displays a dark cult like culture of the collective as they introduce rapper  Danny Seth to the groups obscure ways as the rappers take to the woods for a very special treat, they gather some type of black liquid out of a giant insect and a night of celebration take a different spin. Still this triply film doesn’t necessarily fall into the cliché colorful and wavvy psychedelic experience, but a more profound outlook on the negative side of psychedelic trips, the mental challenges, the diversion between reality and your most dimmed hallucinogen memories. The idea of manhood being tested by your levels of sanity while on drugs is really some heavy shit and once you finish the video you will see how perfect the interpretation of the director matches the artists’ personalities and music styles.
Last Night In Paris collective promises a US invasion very soon, so don’t act surprise if you start seeing  their work on your favorite blogs or if you ran into them performing at local underground venues in your city. We warned you.
Last Nifght In Paris 3