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Over the weekend, some of our favorite photographers decided to combine their bad ass powers and do a group show at  with our good friends at Slow Culture Gallery in Los Angeles. Over 700 attended the galleries newest show “Deadbeat Club: Mentally Retired” with another couple hundred lining the sidewalks of Highland Park in the hopes of getting photos by artists such as Ed Templeton, Andrea Sonnenberg, Clint Woodside, Deanna Templeton, Nolan Hall, and others.

All of the artists who were present connected together through the sub-cultures of skateboarding, zine making, and of course The Deadbeat Club. The collective had over 100 pieces of photography on display all of which was shot on film cameras… and you thought film was dead, blasphemy!

The core members of the collective have had their work showcased at the MOCA’s Art in The Street and as part of the Beautiful Losers traveling exhibition and movement. Pieces are still available for view and sale at the gallery until February 1st to coincide with the LA Art Book Fair at MOCA Geffen and can be seen Wednesday – Saturday 12pm-6pm or by appointment.

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