I love INSTAGRAM! Such a easy and fast way to keep up with friends and post pics of your venti carm frap from starbucks, but every now and then you get these awesome little gems and that is exactly what happened when I came across Raul Trevino. Mexico’s multiple award winning Illustration artist. In 2003, he took home 1st Place in the International Norma Editorial Competition for Best Short Story, in 2004 he was nominated for Best New Author at the 9th Annual Expocomic in Barcelona and New Fnac Talent. Though you can catch some of his work on IG he’s published so you can buy “TINKERS OF THE WASTELAND  to show off how cool and fucking dope your coffee table is check him out! inktober_day_27_by_raultrevino-d84ddqo inktober_day_28_by_raultrevino-d84i9ur crank_up_that_engine_by_raultrevino-d8c837c the_bouldermobile_wacky_races_by_raultrevino-d856qke milla_beating_zombies_by_raultrevino-d884qab tacks TERRITORIALPISSINGS_Rulo_Trevi_o Delorean-100 BNNostalgia-Rock-rtrevino-662x1024 Maverick-Vampire