This is a drawing of Muhammad.
This is a female driving.
This is blood on a prayer rug.
This is a non-believer.

This is working on the Sabbath.
This is a pepperoni pizza.
This is foreskin.
This is a pepperoni pizza.

This is witchcraft.
This is a tattoo.
This is “god damn”.
This is sex out of wedlock.

This is a woman in power.
This is a gay man getting married.
This is an abortion.
This is called a condom.

This is killing a cow.
This is euthanasia.
This is a whiskey neat.
This is using YouTube in Asia.

This is not self-censorship.
This is in violation of terms of service.
This is a rabbi fucking a pig while the pope jerks off Obama.
This is a drawing of Muhammad.


My Notes: What place is there in the world for satire? H. L. Mencken said, “The final test of truth is ridicule. Very few dogmas have ever faced it and survived.” Sometimes we learn life’s greatest lesson by being called stupid. It takes a stubborn soul not to, as Marilyn Manson once said, “smell your own shit on your knees.” But some things are sacred. They’re presumed exempt from being called on their bluff. It’s no coincidence some of the most fucked up institutions are the ones that are deemed sacred. Je suis Charlie. I believe nothing is sacred. And as a Charlie Hedbo editor put it, “I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.”