It’s not often that you find an artist whose work is straight up delightful. Tyler Spangler, a California native after our hearts, brings his funky cool collages to the graphic design world. Part pop art, part collage, part WTF, each unique piece is “unabashedly chaotic”. With high profile clients such as Dimepiece LA and Nylon, six art books under his belt, and art shows all over the world, Tyler Spangler is definitely one to watch. Read on for his thoughts on his work:


Where are you originally from? How has your hometown affected your work?

Orange, California. Growing up 30 minutes from the beach was cool because I could surf pretty frequently. The ocean has probably had the biggest effect on my work. It is really freeing.

Are you self taught or school taught?

Half and half. I would draw and collage all the time growing up. I took a commercial art class in high school and loved it. I did a degree in psychology because it fascinated me. From there I took a couple design courses at community college and followed that up with a year at Art Center for graphic design. In the beginning I was very curious about what art school would be like. Even after a ton of research I still had no idea what to expect. I knew I love art and could make something halfway interesting and thought art school could help refine my work. While it did refine it and I learned a lot, it was a bit boring and too refined for me.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Surfing, music, and cooking.

What is your favorite image you have created?

It always changes. I am always like, oh my god this is my best yet, then the next day I will say the same thing. I might just be easy to impress.

What do you think of the graphic design industry?

I wish there was more craziness. I wish people went crazy with color and did more experimental stuff.

Any last words for aspiring artists?

Make something everyday and stick to your gut.


Scroll down to see more of his work, and be sure to check out his websites for more!
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