ignacio-1Ignacio Canales Aracil uses nothing but pressed flowers to create empty vessels reminiscent of upside down bowls. The practice of flower pressing has been around since the age of Egypt and Tutankhamun’s mother, with many other artifacts later found in Greece and Rome. Many antique techniques used to preserve flowers into sculptures continue today, but Aracil does something different. The Spanish artist uses large molds to weave patches of flowers to construct vessels. They are then dried and remain in that position without glue or adhesives, although moisture-repelling varnish is mandatory. The size of these pieces is contrasted by their delicacy and fragility, standing without support yet crushed with the slightest pressure. He is currently showing with a group at Lucia Mendoza Gallery in Madrid.

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website: http://el-nogal.tumblr.com/

gallery: http://www.luciamendoza.es/

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