Fisher’s most recent work follows a very unique composition, strong high contrasting elements of black and white, a tangle of often symmetrical patterns with hidden sinister schemes in between the dark ink of a faber-castell pit pen and the open space of plain white print paper. Trying to understand Fishers work is a challenge on its own, a daze of ideas flow around trying to comprehend the symbolism of such shocking imagery, an obscure sensual statement defying common misconceptions of human and female sexuality.

DSCF12682_670 black-drool-_670


I had a chance to catch up with ISIS following her showcase for ACID OFF to ask some questions about her most recent collection and discover what it is that drives her passion to create such eloquent explicit art.

ISIS Art Work      mania_670

  How would you describe your own work? 

        ”  I would describe my work as psychedelic surrealism.  I use repetitive organic patterns, symbolism and the interplay of positive and negative space to create images that seem to breathe. My goal is for the viewer to become lost in the maze of patterns, meandering from one idea to the next.”


   Tell me about the composition of your work, what materials you prefer to use?

What is your process when beginning to work on a new piece?  Are there recurring themes or styles that you tend to fall into?

         “I have been working in black and white. Vibration, pattern and contrast are emphasized.  The composition of my work often focuses on the juxtaposition of pattern and empty space. Common elements in my art include shameless femininity, expansive consciousness, and recurring symbols.  Often when creating my work, I just start drawing and the piece sort of wills itself into existence. This technique often results in organically mutating symmetry and that’s what I like about it.  My process imitates nature’s process, slowly building upon itself, replicating but mutating.  When DNA replicates itself, it’s never exactly the same. My process is very organic.”



    Your most recent work portrays an obscure take on women’s sexuality in a daring and insouciant way, what is the message behind this collection?

The message is female empowerment. I want to shock people into getting over their fear of the human body and female sexuality.

What’s your background in art? Where have you showcased your work in the past?

             “I grew up in a family of artists. I’ve been passionate about it since I can remember. I have no formal training. My first art show in Portland was at Breeze Block Gallery. I was first invited to the gallery to be part of the “ Group Hug” show in 2009. I have been in a lot of group shows there and had my first solo show there in 2010. I’ve also shown at several informal exhibitions in Portland and Maui (my other home). I was honored to be featured in Art Maui 2013. My last solo show was “ACID OFF” at the Womb Gallery in Oklahoma City.”

         Your favorite being? 

                 “My favorite show by far was Acid Off at the Womb gallery. I got to draw all over the wall and it was crazy!”

             What role has the Portland community played in your story?  

  “The Portland Community has been very supportive of my art over the years, a perfect place to call home and chill while I focus on creative pursuits. I am very grateful to be surrounded by so many creative people, it really helps to keep me inspired and motivated!”

            What can we expect from you in the future?

                       “My current focus is on a series of 22” x 30” black and white pieces for an up coming show at Stumptown in Portland in March Working on getting a few more shows lined up, so stay tuned!”