It’s the age old debate. Communism vs. capitalism. A state of constant war between the ideologies of the East and the ‘freedom’ that the Western world wanted to bring. If the world stayed as it was 50 years ago, maybe our world would have looked a bit more like Orwell’s 1984 than we would have liked. But, somewhere along the way, we saw fusion. The East began to ooze ideas of capitalism, money, wealth and fortune – even while attempting to keep their own political agendas afloat.Now, I walk down the streets of Shanghai to see Louis Vuitton billboards next to an old Chinese man with his Marlboros. I see skyscrapers stamped with Citibank and huge-ass Chinese megacorporations.

The Saatchi Gallery in London is currently holding an exhibition (Post Pop: East Meets West) that shows this fusion better than I’ve ever seen before. With artists hailing from China, the former Soviet Union, the US, the UK and everywhere in between, the art envelops the Eastern attempt to cling on to past traditions, but simultaneously introducing Kellogg’s, McDonald’s and other corporations ruling the world.


See more here, or if you happen to stop by London – go check out the Saatchi Gallery.