under the pressure

Everyone loves a twist on the classics, but not that many people are capable of creating it to share with others… especially as creepy and funny as Noel can.  Seeing all your favorite cartoon characters in situations that make your jaw drop is something he does so well you find your self thanking God they weren’t that dark and twisted. He credits his style to John Kricfalusi, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, and frank Frazetta but his biggest influence is his customers.

“If you could loan a pair of artist hands to the people of the general public you would be awestruck by what they would paint, I’m both disgusted and delighted with the honest madness of my customers”

I can only imagine after the 13 years he’s been taking request from the crazies he interacts with have help twist his vision to what he’s working with now. Keep up with what he’s doing by checking out #noelpaintedthat Instagram & Tumblr, or come out to his solo show this Saturday Feb 7th here in NYC at the Empire State Studio doors open at 8pm. Here’s to ruining childhoods one amazing piece at a time… cheers!

the fall sarge kanada print a light at the middle of the tunnel image-2 image-1 image