With the release of ISSUE I: WINTER 2015, our first seasonal quarterly this morning (finally finished and no more delays!), we have something very special to announce! We here at Nakid wanna do something special for our readers that will set us apart from other art magazines and be the beginning of a long and amazing series of collector prints. We are happy to announce the creation of our MINI-ISSUES / SERIES! This series of 5 x 8 in. mini-booklets featuring 30 artists on only 30 pages, will feature one theme never to be repeated. These issues will release between our seasonal quarterly issues and serve as collector issues from Nakid!

Our first mini-issue will be called DICKS, and yep, it will be 30 artists, one per page, all about dicks! Every creative genre from writing to photography, sculpture to painting will be all about DICKS! We welcome you to submit your work to us at with the (subject line) titled DICKS ISSUE SUBMISSION. This is very important, not everyone will be chosen for this special edition issue, and even more importantly if not correctly labeled in subject line your submission may never be seen, so remember to correctly label it when submitting! Everyone has been all about their love of vaginas in popular art these days celebrating feminism, women empowerment, and yada yada, we thought peen’s deserved some love too!

Happy submitting!
The deadline for your submissions is: March 1st, 2015

xx Nakid Team