Ushio Shinohara, Red and Green on Orange, 2010, acrylic on canvas

This week on DUOS! we have something really special for you guys, especially if you are in the Dallas, TX area! Artists Noriko & Ushio Shinohara are set to release a brand spankin’ new exhibition, right off the heals of their recent portrayed documentary success Cutie and the Boxer in Dallas. The film documents the tumultuous woes of marriage and their lives together as artists. Ushio Shinohara, born in 1932 Japan, is a Japanese neo-dadaist artist who relocated to the United States in 1969 and has lived and worked here ever since. Noriko Shinohara, born in 1952 and also from Japan, moved to New York in 1972 to study art and ended up meeting Ushio soon after in 1973 – artistic love at first site! The two have been together and creatively pushing themselves and their work ever since.
Noriko Shinohara, You Have A Bank Account?, 2014, oil on canvas

Featured all over the world from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Seoul, Davis Museum, Cultural Center at Wellesley College and everywhere between – the two have seen the world and grown as artists as well as lovers, it seems they know no bounds, and have nothing holding them back even at the ripe ages of 83 & 63 respectively. Maybe it’s true with age comes not only knowledge but artistic excellence!

Join us for the opening reception of their recent documentary Cutie and the Boxer in Dallas March 7th and their ongoing exhibition thru April 11th, 2015, we are very sure you won’t be disappointed!

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7th from 6:30-8:30pm








(Images courtesy of Google Images)