In the 1980s, Dodie Rosekrans bought an apartment located on one of the floors of the Palazzo Brandolini Rota in Venice.  This palace, from the seventeenth century is overlooking the Grand Canal and located in the Dorsoduro area, not far from the Gallerie dell’Accademia.

Some interviews with Mr. Rosekrans report some of his reflections on the purchase of the famous home:

“When I visited the Palace, when I saw the Grand Canal from the balcony, when I noticed from the terrace of the garden, I decided that this was the place for me. I then called Duquette and Wilkinson and asked them to give shape to my desire for new life in Venice. I love being surrounded by fabulous old cultures that expresses Venice. But I wanted that Tony and Hutton were planning for me, in my new nest European, what was for them the Venice of the eighteenth century. “

The shear detail and enormity of the rooms with such spectacular renaissance quality and luxury leave you somewhat entranced – each room more different than the last.  Rarities such as this don’t exist in such fine detail anymore.  The amazing quality put into things has long faded and been replaced with cheaper, less hand-crafted materials and are molded and designed for mass production or even to just plain save on production time.  In a modern world, it seems some of us still strive for un-modern times – it’s plain to see why.

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