Based in Connecticut, Samantha Sealy is harnessing her own view of the world through her photography.  Cryptic messages written across polaroids, burned 35mm photographs, mutiple-exposured intimate moments, these are just some of the things her style and overall vision encompasses.  She takes ordinary moments and transforms them into dreamscapes, and messages often fitting a storyline she is trying to portray to her viewer.  She has been featured in Sarmad Magazine Book One,  Telegramme MagazineSquare Space MagazineLamono, and has won awards for her work including David Bodlak Works on Paper Prize & the Undergraduate Research Supply Award to name a few.  Her work has so much emotion and tranquility within it, almost as if it is another living part of her, and she is giving us a glimpse of it through her camera.  These are just a few of her works we love!

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