Dashing and daring with a nouveau twist of punk, ROBERT GELLER Autumn/Winter 2015 menswear collection was all the rage this season. The show’s front row was packed with celebrities: Nick Wooster, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, just to name a few.


The hair was slicked back with bright orange accent on the sides. Geller excited the audience with the cohesive yet versatile and unexpected combination.


From long sleeves with thumb holes to striped asymmetrical layered sweaters and matching scarves to oversized monochromatic layering.
Robert-Geller-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-009 robert-geller-fall-winter-2015-review-031
The looks were modern yet nostalgic with suspenders and ankle pants giving it a ’40s feel.


The play of various brown shades was titillating.  A light brown/wide black stripe button down relaxed fit collared shirt with an oversized dark brown wool peacoat looked supremely paired with relaxed muted brown pants with muted blue stripes tucked into camel brown ankle suede boots.


Orange and red were flushed into the collection with ingenuity.  Geller showed us impeccable suits, jackets, long coats, satisfying our lust for hip vintage steez while quenching our thirst for modern.
Robert-Geller-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-015 Robert-Geller-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-030
With models including Baptiste Radufe, Dima Dionesov, Benjamin Jarvis, Paul Boche, Fernando Cabral, Jakob pastor, Arthur Gosse, the show was sure to be first class.


Cleanly organized yet intricately variant, nostalgic yet classic men’s styles were shown. Geller presented a collection to be collected.
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Special Contribution by writer Roya Butler