Alessandra Hickman currently lives in Frisco, Texas.  Considered an interdisciplinary artist who has dabbled in most mediums of art, yet mainly enjoys and mostly practices photography, she is beginning to make a name for herself.  She has been professionally showing her work in galleries since the age of 16 and has not stopped since.  Coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, art exhibitions, they have all dawned work by Hickman. Even most recently she was sponsored by Urban Outfitters for her last gallery showing in Chicago.
She briefly attended America’s most profound and recognized art university, SAIC in Chicago, but her story differs from most, as she was involved in a life derailing automobile accident at the young age of 16 that consumed 4 years of her life. Six leg surgeries and six recoveries later she had grown, suffered, and been enlightened by her experience – during that time, however, she maintained her art and continuously documented her recovery as it progressed, knowing it would be a groundbreaking art series one day. Now exclusively on NAKID, we have the amazing series of photos from her recovery that are unlike anything out in the art industry today.  We are not only honored that she has chosen to publish her enigmatic series six years in the making with us, but proud to be able to show you her artistic journey through her tragedy and ultimately her triumphant recovery!
The series dubbed, “Hospital Collection“, is a way for you to understand what she not only went through but what she was trying to show in the series as a whole.
“The idea behind this is people are consistently told to promote the positive and hide their pain.  Our society does not understand one can see suffering as beneficial, for a time being that is.  We have to shut down all negative emotions and become numb – we are no longer human.  We experience all emotions on ranges, on this continuum, and I’m here to promote this series that is of a very painful hospital collection documenting near death to full recovery so people can understand it’s alright to relate to pain and express their pain and then heal themselves.  You have to face yourself in order to heal yourself.”
See more of Hickman’s work below and follow her!
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