As I journeyed out this week to The Independent to catch the Theophilus London concert, I knew I was going to be in for something special. I’ve been a fan of Theophilus for a few years now and have watched him grow and settle in to his own style, his own vibe. I was excited to see his brand transcend from my itunes and into real life and what I was expecting is exactly what I got.

The concert, the music, the crowd were all about vibes. Positive vibes. Rhythm. Street style. A full band. Theophilus London has created a niche for himself and its clear to see that it resonates well with his fans. Especially the fashion forward ones rocking wide brimmed hats and skinny jeans like they had just popped over from Paris fashion week.

To give you a vision of his sold out show he brought to San Francisco, here is a recap of my night.

8:08 PM: Arrival and check in to The Independent.  If you’ve never been its a small and intimate music venue, yet iconic, rich with history and upcoming talent alike.

9:20 PM: First up is Doja Cat, a Los Angeles based female artist with smooth vocals and lyrics.

10:05 PM: Following Doja Cat was Father, the Atlanta based hip hop star and producer. You can see that he’s got style… he took the stage wearing a fur coat and Adidas gym shorts with a knee brace. Swag. Towards the end of a 17 city tour, Father built the energy in the room and debuted a few exclusive upcoming releases.

11:00 on: Vibes. Theophilus London blends style and music bringing the energy of the crowd to a new level. Dancing, swaying, and grooving… he brings it all night.

Afterparty at Harlot: Theophilus arrives and huddles with his crew in the upstairs VIP section. Harlot is one of the sexier, small room nightclubs in San Francisco – a perfect match and closing to a Theophilus filled night. Also, in the house was G-Eazy fresh off of his latest tour – From the Bay to the Universe and even A-Trak decided to stop by for a visit.

James Jake Randolph

photography- Lance Skundrich