When looking at Taudalpoi’s collages, it’s uncertain if you are looking at a dystopian society in the future or at past predictions of today. By combining elements of space and old illustrations, Taudalpoi takes the viewer out of any constraint of space and time into pure collage art. Taudalpoi (Jonas Heen Haeg) was born in Oslo, Norway, as the son of two art students. Initially having plotted out a very different route, currently being enrolled in a philosophy degree in London, he finds himself more and more drawn back to how his parents met: art. Taudalpoi became interested in digital art in 2010 and tried to pursue it as a on-and-off hobby. However, in 2014, he came across the collages of Eugenia Loli, Ben Stainton, Joe Webb and others, and was immediately hooked on digital collage making, despite having no training in any forms of art. While the future is always uncertain for everyone, Taudalpoi’s goal as of now is to finish at least one collage work each day.

“To sum up my entire artistic philosophy in one sentence: I never have any meaning or deeper purpose behind my works; I only want to make something I think is beautiful.”

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